The development of the company


NESTRO, with its headquarters in Bad König/Odenwald is founded on 19/12.


Recruitment of the first 2 employees.

Establishment of the first production and office area on 220 m² in Kirch-Brombach/ Odenwald.


Acquisition of a former chocolate factory with 2,000 m² of hall area on premises covering 5,000 m² (Plant I) Röllbach Spessart.


Relocation of the company headquarters to Röllbach.


Development of the NESTRO counter pressure filter.


Acquisition of a former tailor shop with 1,000 m² of hall area on premises covering 8,400 m² in Röllbach. Construction of the sales depot (Plant II).



Opening of a subsidiary as a sales and production location in Versmold / Westphalia, with 1,000 m² of production and warehouse area on premises covering 8,900 m².

Expansion of Plant II in Röllbach to a production, warehouse and office space of 7,000 m².


Opening of a sales office in Eisenberg/ Thuringia on 01/07, with 500 m² of office and warehouse space.

NESTRO holds an exhibition at the Leipzig spring fair and acquires new customers in Eastern Europe.


Construction of a production and office building and relocation of the company headquarters to Hainchen/ Thuringia near Eisenberg.


Inauguration of the 5,000 m² production and office building in Hainchen, with a modern sheet metal machining centre, on premises covering 44,000 m².

Development of the NESTRO negative pressure filter with integrated pure gas fans featuring significantly improved efficiency.


Completion of the guest house "Landhaus Ruhenest" in block timber house construction method with 10 rooms as well as a restaurant in close vicinity to factory III Hainchen.


Foundation of our sister company NESTRO PPHU Sp. z o.o. with 3,800 m² of production and office space on premises covering 39,000 m² in Stare Olesno / Poland. Integration of the sales team.

Doubling of the production area in Hainchen to 10,000 m².


Foundation of our sister company NESTRO Hungária Kft. with 900 m² of production and office space on premises covering 17,000 m² in Pecs, Hungary.


Opening of a sales office in Kiev / Ukraine


Development of a heating system for the effective combustion of renewable resources, primarily straw.

Foundation of NESAB GmbH, control and automation engineering, which is subsequently merged with NESTRO Lufttechnik and operated as a department of the company.

NESTRO Lufttechnik, Hainchen, is successfully certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


The "Große Preis des Mittelstandes" (Award for Medium-sized Enterprises) is awarded to NESTRO Lufttechnik, Hainchen.

Big celebration on the occasion of the 30-year-old existence of the enterprise.


The award "Lothar-Späth-Preis" is given to Paulus Nettelnstroth.

Relocation of the Versmold production site to Hainchen. Closure of the subsidiary.



Expansion of the production building in Olesno by a further 800 m².

Presentation of the first deduster suitable for indoor installation with a volume flow > 7,000 m³/h at the Holz-Handwerk fair in Nuremberg.


Visitors of the LIGNA can marvel at the world-wide biggest temporary dust and chip filter installation in hall 26. A jet filter NSJ 9/5-33 and a filter housing NFHSU 9/9-30 are exhausting a total of 35 demonstration wood-working machines of the HOMAG group using more than 450 m of piping. Filtered dust and chips are than compressed by briquetting presses NBP. A video documents 16-day construction time (time lapse effect).



NESTRO celebrates its 40th. anniversary at the LIGNA. Company owner Paulus Nettelnstroth and his son Robert commonly cut the big jubilee cake.

On September 14th. Paulus Nettelnstroth hands over the management of the NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH to his son.


The sanding stand NST 95 was the new product to be introduced at LIGNA. With an air volume of 9500 m³/h it is the big brother of the successful NST 75 and removes dust in recirculating air operation from a 5400x3100 mm work space with a separation rate of up to 95%.

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