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15 March

Springtime for the Corrugated Industry

In march NESTRO exhibited on two trade fairs

In March NESTRO exhibited on two trade fairs

In March NESTRO exhibited on two trade fairs

The arrival of the "Internet of Things and Services" within paper and corrugated cardboard industry plants is making relevant information available by real time interlinking  to all partners participating in value creation whilst monitoring the value flow. This is accelerating processes, changing routines and will advance the individualization of the end products.  Setting-up, standing and maintenance times, energy efficiency or recycling rates/qualities are all increasingly becoming matters for the focus of managerial attention. To look for solutions for these challenges is reason enough for the professional audience attending one of the trade fairs WarzawPack, Warsaw, (3.-5.3.2019) or CCE, Munich, (12.-14.3.2019). NESTRO systems suck-up dust and waste on in-line machines and inline cutters as well as border strips in an energy-efficient manner and in so doing assist to produce perfect quality with reduced stoppage times. NESTRO transports, shreds, cuts, stores or compresses waste materials to customer’s needs.

Holz-Handwerk 2018

LIGNA 2017

drupa 2016



17. - 20.7.2019 Las Vegas US

Please, visit our national dealer ENTECCO Filter Technology on stand 7078 central hall

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IFAT 2018

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