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ATTENTION: Following the already sharply increased and currently further increasing material prices in the steel sheet sector, we are unfortunately forced to charge an additional price surcharge of 13.2% on your order temporarily from 1.5.2021 onwards (not applicable for air purifiers VITAPOINT and shredders). We need to kindly ask you to understand this.


Deduster NE 160
6.301,00 EUR
Sanding Stand NST 95
11.713,00 EUR
from 9,57 EUR
Ducting Element (SBM 30)
from 123,00 EUR
21 July

The BVMW visits Schklen

Owners of medium-sized companies find out more about NESTRO

09 June

Successful new Shredder Program

NESTRO single-shaft shredders sell extremely well

03 May

The development of steel prices endangers SMEs

NESTRO is also suffering from the enormous price increase