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Modern production and waste disposal processes require efficient methods of material separation. NESTRO® has been providing essential components for recycling systems for many years. The experience in wind screening and shredding technology is useful here in helping to develop innovative and sturdy solutions for waste separation.

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NESTRO air classifiers separate particles using an air flow and the relationship between the force of inertia and/or gravity and the drag.

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NESTRO Separator airlocks are used to separate light fractions, which are removed from the air flow.

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NESTRO fresh air systems are equipped with all necessary air duct units and air outlets over the working areas.

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NESTRO cyclones operate with no moving components and so are extremely robust and durable.

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NESTRO shredders are the perfect solution in waste disposal equipment.

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NESTRO press containers are reliable compaction machines that are used in the paper and plastics industry as well as in the recycling sector.

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NESTRO horizontal baling presses are ideal for use in industry, manufacturing and waste disposal operations.

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Briquetting Press

NESTRO is your expert partner in waste disposal equipment.

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NESTRO provides pelleting units and complete systems with performance that ranges from 0.1 to 10.0 t/h, including potentially necessary pre-shredding.

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NESTRO designs, plans and produces dust extraction systems and filter systems for complete recycling plants, air classifiers, heavy/light fraction separators for substitute fuel preparation, ventilation systems for sorting cabins with supply air heating and supply air conditioning and extraction equipment for all dust-producing processes.

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