Air Classifiers

air classifier

Simple air classifiers for recycling

These air classifiers, which consist of a blow hood and suction hood separate light fractions, such as foils and paper, from other heavy fractions. Their variable blow and suction powers are used in foil and paper separation, for example.

Air classifiers separate particles using an air flow and the relationship between the force of inertia and/or gravity and the drag. The machines are used in the recycling industry.

Air Classifier
air classifier
air classifier by Nestro
Recycling plant by Nestro

Three-fraction Separators

The NESTRO three-fraction separator NDFS 14, which generates a pure PET fraction, transports the material to be classified to the classifier housing via an acceleration conveyor with controllable belt speed. A targeted air flow spreads the discharge parabola of the sorted material.

Heavy and light fractions can now be captured separately before and after the rotating partition. The light fraction is blown upwards and captured in the upper area of the classifier by an infinitely adjustable suction hood before it is fed into the light fraction separator.
The classifier operates in recirculating air operation, where 10% to 40% of the excess air is used for dust extraction. Appropriate measures in the classifier housing prevent any material from the light fraction from being carried into the heavy and target fraction flow.

separator for three fractions
graphical representation of a wind sifter

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