Press Containers

NESTRO press containers are reliable compaction machines that are used in the paper and plastics industry as well as in the recycling sector. They are user wherever large quantities of waste or recyclable materials are generated. For example, the use of press containers after material separation using a separator airlock enables the volume of paper and other recyclables to be reduced to up to 1/6 of the original volume. This saves transport and disposal costs.


The advantages of a press container

By using press containers, e.g. after material separation by means of a separator lock, the volume of paper and other recyclable materials can be reduced to 1/6 of the original volume. The containers thus save transport and disposal costs. Would you like to know more? Use our contact form behind the blue info button on the right. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

System Documentation
NESTRO supplies you with an extensive system documentation (operating instructions, drawings, wiring diagram etc.) in the language of your country.

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