Sorting Chambers (Ventilation)

NESTRO fresh air systems are equipped with all necessary air duct units and air outlets over the working areas. Warm water, oil, gas and power supply can be used as heating systems. Infinitely variable control systems allow an economical usage of these sources of energy. With a maximum 182 kW heating power, they meet the hard requirements in a sorting chamber. And, in case it gets warmer: NESTRO ventilating and vent systems for sorting chambers are also available together with a cooler and cooling energy generator. Even if it is up to 36 Celsius outside inside the sorting chamber it gets just about 20 Celsius. The first filter guarantees clean and fresh air for the sorting staffers.

Fresh air & exhaust air regulation

The necessary airflow rate is sucked in by an axial ventilator in the exhaust air piping. The exhaust-air-plant, in form of a piping system, is placed directely below the segregation line. The maximum performance of our installations is 12,000 m³/h per unit. This high maximum performance is convincing even under heaviest operating conditions. Similar to the fresh air rate the exhaust air rate can be regulated invinitely variable from 25 - 100% with a damper flap. Therefore, it fits to all possible requirements. The exhaust air is led away at the side of the chamber wall, and it contains an exhaust air opening with bird protection mesh.

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System Documentation
NESTRO supplies you with an extensive system documentation (operating instructions, drawings, wiring diagram etc.) in the language of your country.



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