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Wood finishing in cabinet and carpenter shops is a demanding craft in particular. An extraction system is designed to capture and extract harmful particles and gases directly at the source. This reduces the spread of pollutants in the air and protects the health of employees and the environment.With extraction equipment like mobile dust removers, NESTRO® can make your work here easier. These compact devices are so quiet that they can even be installed in the production room. They are so small that they can be used almost anywhere. They are so integrated, that they only need power and compressed air. Choose a mobile extraction system that leaves nothing to be desired. Mobile dust extraction systems ensure clean and dust-free air wherever you need it. 

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Our solutions for your extraction system

VITAPOINT Air-Purifiers

VITAPOINT air purifiers filter almost all harmful substances and significantly improve air quality, particularly in heavily frequented or polluted rooms.

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Mobile vacuum units

Mobile vacuum units NFB from NESTRO are available in three performance classes featuring discharge volumes from 1,670 to 2,460 m³/h.

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Bag Filters

NESTRO bag filters are manufactured for overpressure and negative pressure operation.

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NESTRO NE-series dedusters comply with all current requirements and are approved for internal installation in workshops.

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Pipe Components

NESTRO provides an entire selection of high quality pipe components as extraction equipment for your systems.

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Horse Manure Extraction

NESTRO Lufttechnik has developed a new system – patent pending - for mucking out that helps you to keep your horse stable clean easily.

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High-quality dedusting plants

NESTRO® stands for quality from Germany. Our extraction systems comply with the latest technical standards. We focus on durable, economical products. NESTRO® develops tailor-made dust extraction solutions for the reliable extraction of chips, dust and smoke.

In addition, we offer you a 24-hour service in case of malfunctions and a maintenance service for cleaning, inspection and functional testing of your extraction system, among other things.

Why use an extraction system?

If you process wood in your company for commercial purposes, you are obliged to vacuum up any dust and wood chips that are produced. Both your employees and your machines can suffer massive damage from the fine particles in the air. Furthermore, high concentrations of wood dust can also lead to deflagration or even explosions. An extraction system is just as important in companies that process plastic or metal. Here, too, fine dusts are produced which can become a hazard.

Advantages of extraction systems for wood

  • Protection of your employees
  • Increased service life for your machines
  • Lower cleaning costs
  • Protection against deflagration and explosions


Employees in carpentry, joinery or even in timber construction engineering are exposed to various health risks without an extraction system. Dust can get into the eyes and cause irritation and inflammation. In addition, skin contact with wood dust can lead to allergic rashes. Dust that penetrates into the respiratory tract is particularly dangerous. It can cause asthma and other serious diseases. A respiratory mask can be the first protective measure. However, it is much better for your health and the health of your employees to use a professional, certified extraction system. This also protects machines from the influence of fine dust. In addition, only a certified system can ensure that no combustible mixture of air and wood dust is produced, which can be made to explode by even the tiniest spark.


Which extraction system is the right one?

For extraction in trade and industry, a distinction is made between suspended and non-suspended dusts. Floating dust and chips are best filtered out of the air with an extraction unit that offers a high air volume flow and a wide suction pipe with a diameter between 100 and 200 mm. In this way the particles, which mostly move in the fine dust range, can be effectively filtered out of the air. For non-floating dusts, a device is sufficient that offers a hose with a diameter of 40 to 50 mm and captures a smaller air volume with a stronger suction pressure. In this way, these dusts can be optimally absorbed by the extraction unit and transported to the filter.



Mobile dust extraction systems offer many advantages over stationary systems as a decentralised extraction solution in everyday work. They can be used flexibly and can be installed exactly where the dust is generated on the machine. Long pipelines up to the central filter system do not have to be planned in a lengthy manner. Our dust extractors are also very quiet and can be installed directly at the workplace without any problems. Thanks to the optional suction side of our products, they can be installed on the right or left side of the machine.



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