Air Purifier VITAPOINT

Professional room air purifiers against viruses

VITAPOINT Air Purifiers verifiable filter Viruses, Aerosols,
Pollen and Fine Particles at a Rate of 99,99%

VITAPOINT air purifiers filter almost all harmful substances and significantly improve air quality, particularly in heavily frequented or polluted rooms. The air purifier silently extracts the contaminated air near the floor and cleans it through two filter stages. The hygienically clean air is then fed back into the room via a ventilation grille on the top of the unit. The separated particles remain in the filters and are disposed of with them.

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Efficient Air Purifiers


As we breathe, pathogens enter the room air. There is a certain risk of contagion for diseases such as Corona, especially in public spaces or in workplaces. Room air purifiers contribute significantly to protection against bacteria and viruses.


The Range of VITAPOINT Air Purifiers

Performance Range of VITAPOINT Air Purifiers

Air purifiers from VITAPOINT work with the combination of a G4 or F9 pre-filter and a HEPA-H14 filter, thereby removing harmful substances particularly thoroughly from the room air. The certified high efficiency HEPA filters of the devices achieve a degree of separation of 99.995%. The devices can be used for rooms up to 300m². Especially suitable for schools, medical practices and offices, but are also used in nursing homes or in shops of any kind, fitness studios ...

VITAPOINT air purifiers do not only clean room air. In the VITAPOINT 6000 plus features an automatic hygiene dispenser with motion sensor, as well as a PCAP touch display for ads and air parameters. Here aerial parameter, advertisement or customer information can be displayed. Finally, you can design the look of the air purifier individually, so that the devices fit harmoniously into your ambience.

The air purifier performance class 3000 was tested at the fraunhofer Institute WKI under laboratory conditions. The result “showed that after activating the air purifier, 99.99% of the introduced bacteriophages were removed from the chamber air. The particle concentration of the ultrafine and fine particles in the chamber air also fell to the level of the background value within 30-45 minutes after the air purifier was switched on."


Air Purifier for Protection against Corona

Air purifiers for room spaces minimize the risk of infection for COVID-19.

The pathogen Sars-CoV-2 can be transmitted via the room air. Especially in closed rooms, the risk of contagion is very high. Air purification devices come in here. A study in Germany found that air purifiers in classrooms significantly reduced the concentration of aerosols ( aerzteblatt.de). The occurrence of aerosols in indoor spaces was reduced by 90%. In addition, our modern room air purifiers work very low noise and are hardly noticed in class. Their cylindrical design - without corners and edges - predestines them for applications in kindergartens, schools, senior and nursing homes, even for gymnastics and sports halls.



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Please read the test report (German) on the cleaning efficiency of the VITAPOINT 3000 from the fraunhofer Institute WKI, Braunschweig.


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