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A good industrial filter system is an indispensable component of every manufacturing plant. With an industrial air purifier system you can reliably remove chips, dust and abrasion from the air in your plant. As processing residues, these fine particles always represent a high risk for the health of your employees, for the service life of your machines and for the quality of your products in every craft and industrial enterprise. In addition to health and fire hazards, unnecessarily long tool life and quality complaints for NESTRO® filter systems speak for various types of dust. Wood, paper and corrugated board, metal, plastic and leather are just a few examples. We offer industry air filter systems for all these areas. By using innovative technologies, our filter systems help to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable production processes. They help to minimise the consumption of resources and reduce environmental pollution. We offer customised filter systems that are precisely tailored to your individual needs. Our experienced team is on hand to support you in selecting and implementing the optimum filter system.

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Our range of products for your filter system

Ceiling-Mounted Filters

NESTRO ceiling filters are designed as bunker installation filters and bunker-mounted filters with filter areas of between 18 m² and 800 m².

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Intermediate filters

The benefit of the NESTRO intermediate filter is that it can be expanded to an airflow rate of over 200,000 m³/h, as it consists of individual modules.

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Jet filters

The NESTRO jet filter is used as an intermediate filter to remove various dusts. The dust jet is the perfect solution for continuous operation.

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Filter housing

The NESTRO filter housing allows large filter areas to be housed in the tightest of spaces.

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The NESTRO sheet metal silo is a bolted construction manufactured from 3 mm-thick galvanised steel sheet with a structural design for an explosion pressure load of 0.2 bar.

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Raw gas extractor fans

NESTRO fans are the heart of every extraction system: proven, efficient and durable.

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Raw gas transport fans

NESTRO transport fans transport the material to be filtered, e.g. in long pipelines or in the event of high volume flow requirements.

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Pure gas fans

NESTRO fans are the heart of every extraction system: proven, efficient and durable.

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Shredding Fans

NESTRO shredding fans shred endless products from the paper and cardboard area.

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Pipe Components

NESTRO provides an entire selection of high quality pipe components as extraction equipment for your systems.

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How do filter systems work?

In simple terms, filter systems extract so-called raw gas (air with dust, chips, punching residues, etc.) from the processing machine, filter out the substances for further processing and return so-called clean gas (air with a residual dust content of less than 0.1 mg/m³) back into the workshop. This makes the air cleaner than the outside air!

What are the components of a filter system?

A filter system always consists of machine connections, piping, fan, filter unit with cleaning, discharge and return air duct.

What do you have to look out for in filters?

 The overall solution must fit your operation and your specific application. It is usually not about a single product, but a complete system. In any case, let us advise you.

Do filter systems need to be cleaned?

Like all machines, filter systems must be monitored regularly in accordance with the operating instructions. However, cleaning of the filter bags or cartridges is done automatically via motorised vibration or by means of compressed air pulse cleaning (JET). The discharge empties the filter and feeds the material to its further use.



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