Ceiling-Mounted Filters

Bunker filter in modular design

NESTRO ceiling filters are designed as bunker installation filters and bunker-mounted filters in 28 different sizes with filter areas of between 18 m² and 800 m². The uniformly graduated modular system ensures that the right filter area is available for any volume of air. This modular design means that an extension can be performed at any time.

The ceiling filter is delivered as a bunker installation filter without lining or as a bunker-mounted filter with weather-proof lining. All ceiling filters are delivered with automatic filter regeneration and can also be equipped with all NESTRO safety devices (smoke detector, extinguishing system, ladder, ex. valves, walkway, etc.).</b&lt;bunker-mounted&gt;</p>

Stability, Protection and Easy Handling

The weatherproof casing protects the filter system against the elements. It also serves as a structural element for hose suspension. The layout and structure permit targeted exhaust and outgoing air flow routeing along with negative pressure operation of the system. Safe and straightforward access to all parts of the system is assured. This minimises service costs.

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System Documentation
NESTRO supplies you with an extensive system documentation (operating instructions, drawings, wiring diagram etc.) in the language of your country.

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