Intermediate Filters

Intermediate and back pressure filters

The intermediate filter separates the raw gas in the intake section. The cleaned air can then be fed back into the work areas. The benefit of the NESTRO intermediate filter is that it can be expanded to an airflow rate of over 200,000 m³/h, as it consists of individual modules. This means that the filter can be expanded at any time.

How does an intermediate filter work?

Equipping the intermediate filter with the NESTRO counter pressure system (vibration plus scavenging air) ensures continuous operation: Counter pressure filters are also equipped with scavenging filter air for continuous cleaning. Every filter element is isolated as a separate chamber when cleaning. This ensures that the filter is ready for operation 24 hours a day! This combined scavenging air/valve technology blasts air through the filter tubes from the outside in. The motor-operated cleaning system provides active support. The scavenging air is taken from the dry return air, because the moisture in the external air intake would block the filter tubes. The lining does not come into contact with the filter tubes during vibration, ensuring that no wear is caused.



Filter installation with weather protection cladding
Intermediate filter with back pressure system
NSJ 9/5-20 P 5 elements
NSJ 9/5-20 P 5 elements
Intermediate filter for interior use

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