Flue Gas Fabric Filter NA/T RG

Fume gas filter NA/T RG

The development of this filter technology is revolutionising flue gas treatment in biomass combustion. NESTRO flue gas fabric filters are manufactured from 2 mm sendzimir-galvanised steel sheet as standard. Every filter segment is equipped with an ash barrel and a top and front inspection opening. A pre-separation chamber increases the filter system's level of separation and enables a high filter service life. Filter regeneration takes place via freely programmable compressed air pulse cleaning, which enables the addition of additives.

Features of the flue gas fabric filters

  • Residual dust content < 2 mg/m³
  • Flue gas temperature in permanent operation of 250°C, up to max. 280°C for short periods
  • Able to be used for boiler outputs of up to 1 MW as standard
  • Additives can be used to eliminate pollutants

The 2nd stage of the 1st German Federal Immission Protection Regulation entered into force on 01/01/2015:

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Fume gas filter plant type NA/T RG
Fume gas filter plant type NA/T RG
System Documentation

System Documentation
NESTRO supplies you with an extensive system documentation (operating instructions, drawings, wiring diagram etc.) in the language of your country.

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