Straw-Powered combined Heat and Power Plants

As a result of long-standing research by order of the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology we project and install straw heating power systems for agriculture and industrial companies for more than 8 years now:

  • 15-200 kW -> thermal utilization
  • ab 200 kW -> thermal and electric utilization

With NESTRO you get everything from one single source, from the processing shredder over the conveyor technology, the solid fuel feed tank, the boiler, the flue gas cleaning, the chimney to the stream generator.

NESTRO offers you turn-key systems to generate energy from different renewable materials:

  • Heating power stations fueled with straw
  • Horse dung combustion
  • Systems to parallel utilization of different solid fuels (e.g., straw, wooden chips, waste grain, Miscanthus)



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