Lignotherm Biomass Combustion

Lignotherm - Heizkessel zur Holz Verbrennung

The huge efficiency from about 90% belongs to the central signs of the LIGNOTHERM series. Clean combustion, even for difficult fuels, with the targeted addition of pre-heated secondary air or vortex air ensures complete combustion at high temperature. This falls well below the TA-Luft (Technical Guidelines on Air Quality Control) values, so future requirements for operators of NESTRO plants do not pose a problem. The quadruple-shell structure leads to extremely low radiation losses by medium-sized boilers.

Intelligent and adaptable

Convenient fully-automatic operation thanks to the optional microprocessor control with remote diagnostic capabilities and an interface to facility management highlights the market leadership of NESTRO technology. It can also be perfectly adapted to existing systems and ambient conditions.
The LIGNOTHERM IND/V and TM boilers satisfy the highest requirements of modern heating systems as well as the applicable admission requirements.

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Lignotherm Austragung
Heizkessel Holz Austragung
Heizkessel für Biomasse Austragung
Austragung im Lignotherm
Heizkessel zur Biomassefeuerung
Kessel zur Verbrennung von Biomasse
Kessel für Biomasse & Holz Verfeuerung

Customised and cost-effective

Low operator input, maximum operator convenience, high efficiency and easy cleaning thanks to the large pipe cross-section are all convincing reasons for using the LIGNOTHERM boiler. Downstream filter, flue gas dust extraction and a mobile step grate are among the special extras that you can select, while automatic ash removal is also possible.
As an additional option, a feed grate enables the combustion of moist waste wood with a water content of over 75% ATRO (absolutely dry). NESTRO provides a mobile step grate in two different designs for difficult fuels. This effectively counters the formation of deposits and ensures the permanent homogenisation of the embers.




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