Straw Heating Lignothermic

Ecofriendly straw heating by NESTRO

Product development at NESTRO focuses on the conservation of raw materials. Our solutions help produce reusable materials by separating and processing waste materials. Existing raw materials in the agricultural sector can be used effectively with the Lignothermic straw heating system. Numerous advantages make this straw heating system the right solution for you.

Flexibly applicable electric heating system

When assembled in sea containers, the heating system can be converted at any time and can be even be transported in the event of a possible change of location.

Versatile application

Whether stables, rearing installations or residences with a heat output of up to 800 kW, a range of different buildings with various requirements can be heated. It can also easily be integrated into an existing heating circuit and used with existing technology, such as buffer storage.

Environmentally friendly combustion

The combustion of straw only releases the CO2 bound to it during its growth back into the environment. No additional pollution is generated, as is the case when burning fossil fuels. The disposal of remaining ash (approx. 5%) is not expensive, it is a valuable fertiliser for agricultural areas and can be fed directly back into the cycle.

Example operation: 600,000 kWh

Scenario: The annual heating requirements for an agricultural household with farm buildings and additional heat consumption points amounts to an average of 3,000 hours of full-load operation with a 200 kW boiler output.


Oil Straw
Fuel value 9.5 kWh/litre 4 kWh per kg
(600,000 kWh/annum)
63,150 litres
(600,000 kWh / 9.5 kWh)
150 tonnes
(600,000 kWh / 4 kWh)
Price 0.60 euros per litre 70.00 euros (delivered) per tonne
Total costs/annum EUR 37,890.00 EUR 10,500.00

This results in a saving of approx. 27,400.00 euros per annum.

Example operation for the indicated heat output 

  • Approx. 300 sows with litter spaces
  • Approx. 1,000 litter rearing spaces
  • Approx. 600 gilt rearing spaces
  • 2 residences
  • Grain and maize drying

(Alternative to items 1-3: chicken rearing / rearing of laying hens, etc.)

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