Paper Industry

Our offering for companies in the paper & corrugated industry

The benefit of the NESTRO intermediate filter is that it can be expanded to an airflow rate of over 200,000 m³/h, as it consists of individual modules.

The NESTRO jet filter is used as an intermediate filter to remove various dusts. The dust jet is the perfect solution for continuous operation.

The NESTRO filter housing allows large filter areas to be housed in the tightest of spaces.

NESTRO fans are the heart of every extraction system: proven, efficient and durable.

NESTRO transport fans transport the material to be filtered, e.g. in long pipelines or in the event of high volume flow requirements.

NESTRO fans are the heart of every extraction system: proven, efficient and durable.

NESTRO shredding fans shred endless products from the paper and cardboard area.

Bag Filters by NESTRO

NESTRO bag filters are manufactured for overpressure and negative pressure operation.

deduster for industry

NESTRO NE-series dedusters comply with all current requirements and are approved for internal installation in workshops.

Stacked Pipe Components

NESTRO provides an entire selection of high quality pipe components as extraction equipment for your systems.

NESTRO Separator airlocks are used to separate light fractions, which are removed from the air flow.

NESTRO cyclones operate with no moving components and so are extremely robust and durable.

NESTRO shredders are the perfect solution in waste disposal equipment.

NESTRO press containers are reliable compaction machines that are used in the paper and plastics industry as well as in the recycling sector.

NESTRO horizontal baling presses are ideal for use in industry, manufacturing and waste disposal operations.

NESTRO is your expert partner in waste disposal equipment.

Energy saving is just one of many reasons to use NESTRO supply air units.

NESTRO provides an entire selection of high quality duct components for your systems.

NESTRO provides optimum working conditions to the paper and corrugated industry. Our systems suck-up dust and waste from in-line machines and die cutters as well as continuous paper border strips in an energyefficient manner. We help you to produce perfect quality at reduced downtimes. We transport, shred, cut, store or compress your waste materials as per your needs.

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