Surfacing Processing Equipment


If you need perfect surfaces, here is the right partner for you: NESTRO® has been dealing extensively with the topic of faultless natural and treated surfaces and offers a complete air equipment, worry-free program.

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Paint Mist Extraction

NESTRO's tried-and-tested PAINTLINE systems for the challenging extraction of paint mist produce perfect surfaces.

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Spray Walls and Exhaust Air Units

NESTRO's dry spray walls let you overcome all your problems in the field of surface technology.

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Grinding Bench

The NESTRO grinding benches NST ensure that a large area is kept free of dust, as well as ensuring maximum freedom of movement in the work area, thanks to an airflow of up to 9,500 m³/h.

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Grinding Tables

NESTRO grinding tables are ideal for collecting various dusts and for use under a range of operating conditions.

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Supply Air Units

Energy saving is just one of many reasons to use NESTRO supply air units.

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Duct Components

NESTRO provides an entire selection of high quality square duct components for your return-air system or for surface technology.

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How do you properly extract paint mist in enclosed spaces?

Paint mists are most effectively extracted near the floor or under the floor. Since solvents and paints have a greater density than air, they sink to the floor. This gravimetric property should be additionally supported by a directed air flow by means of supply air in the painting room but also in the drying room. The type of paint and the nature of the objects to be painted are important here.

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Why do you use supply air units in surface technology?

In the painting area, the exhaust air must not be recirculated. Therefore, a temperature-controlled and draught-free supply air is always required here. For sanding, on the other hand, there are recirculated air solutions, as the fine dust is collected here in the filter pockets or in the connected filter.



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