Paint Fume Extraction PAINTLINE

Paint fume extraction systems from the PAINTLINE product line offer a sophisticated complete solution for clean air in your paint shop. The surface finishing requirements in coating operations are high. Frequent colour changes, various paint systems, short deadlines, different shapes, sizes and materials of the parts to be coated are commonplace. The requirements placed on the paints and lacquers to be processed as well as on environmental compatibility and occupational health and safety are constantly increasing. These requirements and the fact that solvents and paints have a greater density than air and so fall to the floor, were the basic idea behind the development of the PAINTLINE product line for paint fume extraction. It led to the creation of an extraction system installed near the floor or using the underfloor principle. Because, dust- and draught-free zones are the most important requirements for high-quality painting and varnishing. For perfect ventilation of the paint booth, the most effective effect is achieved by underfloor extraction and the circulation/supply air guidance from above.


The base module is suitable for normal painting operation with occasional to hourly painting operations with a ventilation system performance of 7,500 or 9,500 m³/h. It features a FC-controlled fan and high-quality filter materials. The system enables surface or underfloor extraction and can optionally be equipped with a plate heat exchanger or a circulation system for heat recovery.


For demanding painting operations with several hours of use and occasional high gloss work, the medium performance class is designed with its central device technology. It has the possibility of the installation of a heat recovery system using a plate heat exchanger or – as an option - with a rotary heat exchanger. A FC-controlled decentralised equipment centre, PLC control and high-quality filter material are included. The system enables surface or underfloor extraction with a ventilation system performance of 8,500 or 10,500 m³/h.


This is real high-tech for top surfaces. The Premium Module is the perfect solution for demanding painting operations with predominantly demanding high-gloss surfaces. The FC-controlled unit control with rotary heat exchanger, a special underfloor suction system and a high-quality system control enable the highest surface quality using efficient system technology for ventilation system performances of 14,500, 16,500, 20,500 or 24,500 m³/h.


NESTRO's tried-and-tested PAINTLINE products produce perfect working conditions for high-gloss surfaces:

  • low-noise high performance ventilating fan featuring high energy efficiency
  • additional air cover with filter mats class EU5
  • filter mats in the circulation/supply air circuit easy to clean and fast to change
  • optional: complete delivery including gratings (surface load capacity: 500 kg/m²)
  • optional: separate installation of the ventilating fan if required
  • optional: JET pre-filter using cartridges for fine dry paint dust to protect the heat recovery unit

Maximum flexibility, efficiency and compliance with all statutory provisions ensures that NESTRO provides a complete surface coating solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact one of our sales representatives for further information.


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System Documentation
NESTRO supplies you with an extensive system documentation (operating instructions, drawings, wiring diagram etc.) in the language of your country.




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