Dedusters NE J

Deduster NE 350 J

A new Criterion

The development of this new generation of mobile NESTRO dedusters type NE J for indoor installation is based on our decades of experience in woodworking, in device technology and in the technology of highly efficient fans. The use of our clean air dedusters for the extraction of various materials and thus for small and medium-sized companies in many industries

  • saves investment and operating costs through installation close to the machine (short pipeline routes with low line resistances) and - starting with NE 200 - thanks to the IE5 reluctance motor and the frequency converter with an efficiency of over 90%,
  • saves heating costs through circulating air operation without heat loss (filters guarantee a residual dust content of    < 0.1 mg/m³),
  • saves maintenance costs through an intelligent, certified automatic exting-uishing system without the use of water or dry chemical,
  • as a ready-to-connect device saves in-stallation costs (only power connection and junction of the pipeline required),
  • guarantees optimal suction with the integrated, proven clean air technology and constant target / actual value comparison (of the processing machines) and
  • offers four different disposal options using four alternative substructures, which can also be converted at any time.

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System Documentation

System Documentation
NESTRO supplies you with an extensive system documentation (operating instructions, drawings, wiring diagram etc.) in the language of your country.

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