Dedusters NE

Dedusting system NE

Powerful dedusting systems in the woodworking trade

NESTRO® industrial dedusters are your solution for the energy-efficient extraction of wood dust and chips in joineries and carpentry shops. Our economical dedusting systems promote a smooth production process, protect your machines and the health of your employees.

NESTRO® NE-series dust removers comply with all current requirements for dedusting equipment and are approved for internal installation in workshops (see also BGI [Information provided by the Employers‘ Liability Insurance Association] 739 p. 15).
A powerful deduster is ideal for use in the woodworking industry, as dust extractors for individual machines, small groups of machines or stand-alone solutions (where special extraction requirements exist). They can also be used for related materials, such as plastic, leather, paper or other industrial dusts.
Dedusting plants NE 160 to NE 350 are vacuum filters with fans installed on the clean gas side and outstanding efficiency. All dedusters are equipped with automatic filter regeneration and, from NE 250, with an automatic extinguishing system. In automatic mode, the deduster switches on and off in parallel with the machines that require extraction.

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Dedusters NE 350

Screw conveyor

Our industrial dust extractors for clean air

Dedusting plant NE 160
Deduster NE 200
Deduster NE 200
Deduster NE 250
Deduster NE 250
Deduster NE 300
Deduster NE 300
Deduster NE 350
detail view dedusting plant
Deduster NE 250 with Rotary Valve NZRS
Deduster NE 250 with Rotary Valve NZRS
wood chips and dust in dedusting unit

The Deduster 200 - 350 can be also used in combination with powerful briquetting presses (4 - 15 kW).

Deduster NE300 with Briquetting Press NBP C150

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Data Sheet Deduster NE - DE EN FR

Data Sheet Spark Extinguishing Unit - DE EN FR

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System Documentation

System Documentation
NESTRO supplies you with an extensive system documentation (operating instructions, drawings, wiring diagram etc.) in the language of your country.

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